What is the meaning of Ikwetta?

Ikwetta is the Swahili word for "equator." When I first visited Kenya, my husband took me to a place the equator passes through, and he showed me how when water was placed in a bowl with a hole in it, it drained clockwise north of the equator, and anti-clockwise south of the equator. If such a difference could be made by moving a bowl of water few feet north or south of an imaginary line, then imagine the difference we could make with a real brand that looks to make a difference? Thus Ikwetta. 



How long will the Kickstarter campaign run?

The campaign will run for 32 days from Friday, June 5th to Monday, July 6th (11:59 PM).

What is your Kickstarter campaign goal?

We are setting a fundraising goal of $10,000.

What happens if the campaign is successful?

Our main purpose of running this campaign is to try and collect funds to build a new workshop for our artisans. A successful campaign would mean that our artisans move out of slums and into a better workplace.

What is wrong with the current Workshop?

The current “workshop” is a 10x10 shed located in Kibera slums, in Nairobi, Kenya. During the day the space is utilized as a workshop, and at night people sleep there. There is hardly any electricity or lighting, and the tools are limited to hammers, scissors, needles and their bare hands.

How will a new workshop help?

A new workshop will mean moving our artisans out of slums into a much bigger workspace, tools and equipment such as a die cutting machine, better quality and better efficiency!

How do I pledge?

Create an account on Kickstarter (takes 1 minute), and then go through all our fantastic rewards and pick the one you like best. Enter your credit/debit card information and submit your pledge.

Do I get charged as soon as I pledge?

You do not! Your card is only charged if the campaign is successful, and will be done so on July 6th at the end of the campaign!

How do I pick my specific options or sandal size?

As soon as our campaign ends on July 6th, we will be sending you a survey, which allows you to pick your choice of reward options and also tell us your sandals size.

When do I receive my reward?

As soon as you complete your survey, we will get all the information required and ship out your reward to you in 2-4 weeks!